Windspike's Kommando Battallion Fully Deployed And Engaged

Here's a pictoral story of the deployment of Windspike's Kommandos fully engaged in the War Against War at this time. Real time action and activity reports should be found at the sticky post above. All are giving some, some are giving all. Fight On Troops, Fight on!
Modified Urban deployment vehicle

Our first outpost

Going underground


Tourists are fair game

End of Market Street Outpost

These boys didn't last

Lying in wait to ambush homeward bound ferry passengers

Underneath the boot

The Lonely East Portal Outpost

East Portal Sentries

Guarding the fountain

On the emerald escalator, charge

Defenders of mass transit

Ghandi would have been proud

At the feet of greatness

You never know who you will meet on the subway - he gave me permission to take this pic, btw.

All Images Copyright Windspike (2006)

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PTCruiser said...

Outstanding, Kommander Windspike! Victory is ours for the taking!