Stealth Kommando Deployed

Stealth Kommando
Image Copyright Windspike (2006)

Kommander Windspike Reporting In: I've managed to sneak my last trooper into a local pub last evening. Should have many friends there as it is known home to many leftist radicals.

My troops, now, are fully deployed and my barracks dry. May need to go out and purchase some contracted mercenaries for future deployments. Word on the street is that I could sell some government bonds to China in order to cover those costs. Any one know about how to run that one past the American people?

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Worried said...

You know the dollar stores are recruitment centers, Windspike. Little green kommandos are ready and waiting for deployment, all volunteering for hazardous duty.

I am very well satisfied with the training of my new recruits and am drilling them for deployment on new missions.

If you simply must opt for contracted mercenaries, please don't use any that Bush and Blair have contracted with.