A tribute to our spiritual Godmother, Sallie Gratch

I'll never forget the first time I learned about the Toy Soldier project while listening to NPR one morning before work.

Chicago Public Radio:
And now a story about an unusual anti-war protest. Tiny green plastic soldiers are showing up all over Chicago. A sticker on each figure pleads, `Bring me home.' NPR's Jason DeRose found the woman who's leaving those soldiers in bookstores and cafes....
The peace activist's name? Sallie Gratch.

This protest idea stopped me dead in my tracks. I went straight to the dollar store, picked up a few bags-o-plastic toys & a Sharpie and I was off to the races.

What I'm trying to say is this: there are no original ideas, just good or bad ones. Some ideas are so good that they're worth emulating and passing on. This is one of them.

How about three cheers for Sallie Gratch, who is the Godmother of this movement. Our movement.


Helen Wheels said...

YAY for Sallie Gratch!

What a great idea she hatched, and what a great cause to champion.

Robot Buddha said...

Here Here!!!!

DivaJood said...

My god, I know Sallie Gratch. Haven't seen her in years, but we were members of the same synagogue. What a small world.