Today began phases two and three of our operations: The No Blood For Oil Offensive and the Multiplex Theater of Operations.

Phase one consisted of me stopping at a gas station, purchasing five dollares worth of gas (not so stramge in this time of rocketing fuel prices) and as I filled up, discreetly setting up a kommando on top of the pump, paying and then driving away. (Did I forget something back at the gas station?)

We then went to the local flea market where we posted one kommando just inside where anybody walking in could see it. Another two were discreetly left on tables where people offered their VHS tapes and NASCAR collectibles for sale. As we left, I noticed our original sentry was no longer there.

Afetr lunch we began phase two: the multiplex theater of operation. Once again, a sentry was posted out side, on a concrete pylon by the doors where SUVs full of over sugared children were being dropped off to see the summer blockbusters. Once inside, the numerous security cameras made it difficult to place other commandos inside, but we did manage to station two there. After seeing a movie, we then left the theater to find once again, our sentry had disappeared. But we did leave one on a light post in the parking lot before we left. All in all, a successful campaign, despite having lost two men.


Anonymous said...

Lew...that's outstanding!!! I love it. If I owned a car, I'd take your idea and do it myself.

windspike said...

Excellent Strategy Lew! The Fight Grows.

Mags said...

Awesome job! I, too, noticed that my soldiers were removed pretty quickly. I just hope people took them instead of throwing them away.

Worried said...

Many of our valiant kommandos go MIA, possibly POWs. We can only hope they were commandeered by friendly forces and continue the good fight.