A Republican has converted parties

A friend of mine has been a Republican all her life: her parents were Republican; her brothers were Republican; she just always did what her family did. And she has preferred to not "get involved" -- her choice has been to remain in a secluded bubble. Over the last five years she's listened to me, and watched my responses to issues, and asked a lot of questions. A lot of questions.

We meet for dinner on Tuesdays and tonight she said "I think I'm switching parties to be a Democrat. Have you heard about Al Gore's documentary?" I was so happy to hear this, so I told her about the Kommando Project -- she got so excited, she started to suggest locations, and ideas for slogans ("I want to see my family again" was particularly good). Then she said she'd like to put some of her own soldiers around. From asleep Republican to quiet activism. What a good day!


The Histrionics of a Fat Housewife said...

I too come from a long line of Republicans. My mom had a political job appointed by the Republican governor of our state. When my husband and I went to get married and had our premarital counseling, the minister asked us about our political activism (he knew my husband and I were both moving out to DC to pursue political careers).

When I explained that I had switched parties and that I was somewhat of an oddity in my house he replied, "You have seen the light, my child. You have seen the light."

Helen Wheels said...

DivaJood, you ROCK! That is really fantastic. You know, I jsut think a lot of people who are "republicans" just havent' been paying attention and reading. Or else they wouldnt' be "republicans." Your patience, I'm sure, is what won her over. No one responds to preaching (believe me, I've tried :))

jay lassiter said...

this sounds a lot like a cchat i had with my MOM recently!
(go figure!)

DivaJood said...

The best part is that she enlisted (without coming onto the blog world) but she's going to help put little green army men around the South Bay.