Calling All Civilians: Is There Anybody Out There?

Calling All Civilians! Boots are on the ground! Kommanders and Kommandos are fully engaged in the fight in this War Against War. We want to hear if you have had any experiences to share about your interactions with our troops. Consider this your invitation to comment below and share your story with the rest of the globe.

Blog on and may the Kommandos Be Victorious.


Espella Humanzee said...

Posted @ my site.

"The photograph to the right is of real servicemen serving in Iraq, not toy soldiers, but real heroes. Of course, the cowardly twits on the left wouldn't know the difference. Let me tell you about The Kommandos Project.

The idea is that these brain dead numbskulls place a handful of toy army men in a public place with what they deem a clever anti-war slogan stuck to the figure's leg... then they just - run away. That's right. It's that stupid. It's that inane. Then they report back to Kommando Central with not so pithy stories about their brush with certain tedium.

"Kommander American reporting, Sir. Kommandos successfully deployed, Sir, and at their posts. Photos will be available as soon as the military photographer transfers them from camera to her computer and thence to mine."

"Forget images from me, I can't figure the digital camera thing out."

"I am happy to report that while in the heart of Republicanville (Riverside County, CA), I was able to deploy 15-20 troops at a place called "Tom's Farms" - a freeway side compound of fun, games, restaurants, rides and shops... Unfortunately, I wasn't able to wait around and see what happened to the troops." Way to commit, Helen.

These are grown men and women acting like giggling, spoiled children. They have reduced themselves, and their cause, to new levels of banality. Even my kids were laughing at them."

Anonymous said...

Espella! What a pleasure to have you stop by and pump our traffic. 7 gratuitous insults in a single comment. You've outdone yourself.

I suggest that you take a look at the map on the left and then, when you have managed to accomplish one thing that puts your ludicrous words into actions, please get back to us--since...as it stands now, you do nothing but talk and so ridicule from our side would be pointless.

But, till then, please feel free to give us free press anytime you want.

Marty said...

I have a suggestion for espella. Go down to your local Army recruiting office and join up. That would certainly be putting his words into action.

Muslim Unity said...

Very Good. Keep it Up.
The whole world should join the war against war. We need peace and love at this time.
The moment has come to unite as brothers and sisters and live together as humans irrespective of our religion.
May Allah Bless all of you my dear friends.

Lily said...

well kvatch for some reason this page had a hard time loading and the comments would not open. Not sure what that is about. But I wanted to acknowledge the efforts, and send some encouragement. I am aware of your project, and have helped with other such toy figure efforts. Its a simple way to make a statement. But on this weekend, I did not sign on more because of the "memorial" aspect.

Honestly and not that it matters, I do not engage in protest activities during Memorial Day because I often attend services for relatives. I am quite willing to act and speak out the rest of the year but simply try to keep politics and my views away from my desire to remember and join those around me that grieve.

I do wish you luck with your future efforts and might be able to participate in the future. Just not Memorial Day weekend. Obviously freedom of speech holds 365 days, 24-7. But for some, this weekend is not about barbecues and sales on towels- it is a somber day of remembrance. Of course there have been and will be many lives lost for causes we do not think justify it. And there is nothing wrong with saying so. There is nothing wrong with having a barbecue either. But I try to remember that the day has different meanings for different people.

windspike said...


You have no clue about how to get to peace do you?

Worried said...

It is a shame that espella is teaching her innocent children to deride efforts to awaken an apathetic, in- denial public to the fact that there is a war on, people are dying and being maimed even as this post is read. It sounds as if she is one of those who whine, "but what can I do? I can't change anything."

Glorious flag waving marches get a lot of press and everyone has touchy-feely feel goods about it, thinking "we" are fighting the war. And marches are good, but as soon as the publicity dies down, it is back to business as usual.
Standing on street corners holding posters is good but reaches only passers-by in the immediate area. Sit -ins garner a small press notice if someone gets arrested. And again, it's back to business as usual. People pay lip service to being anti-war but few actually do anything to protest it.

Not everyone can join marches; not everyone can stand on street corners and wave posters; not everyone can engage in sit-ins. But anyone and everyone can post toy soldiers with banners attached to them. Stick a handfull in your purse or pocket or brief case and set them out as you go about your day.

It may be banal and stupid to you espella, but these toy soldiers are before the public's eye every day, not dependent on the press and a forget about it mentality the next day. They serve to remind the public every day in countless places, all across America, from coast to coast that there is a war on, people are dying and being maimed, and urging them to stand up and DO SOMETHING!

If just one battallion of toy soldiers inspires just one citizen to get off his/her dead buns and take action, they will have served their duty; mission accomplished. Perhaps espella should take heed.

People whine, "but what can I do? I can't change anything." Perhaps you can't join marches, sit-ins, street corner demonstrations. But you can stick a handfull of toy soldiers bearing banners into your purse, pocket, or brief case and set them out to gain the public's notice...and remind them of the war, urge the people to act, instead of deriding the efforts to awaken an apathetic public as "banal and stupid".

And since espella obviously has a computer and is not illiterate, she and millions of others can do this: write, email, fax, and telephone their elected representatives and protest the war and our government's policies. Bulging mail bags, clogged emails and fax machine and phone lines equal numbers- numbers of voters, and they get attention from the spineless wonders in Washington.

So they next whine that they don't know how to contact their representatives. Poor babies! Try http://www.house.gov for your congressperson, and http://www.senate.gov for your senator. Then follow directions on the sites to find your elected official. It's so easy a cave man can do it.

Those real heroes are exactly the ones the toys soldiers are deployed to help, to bring them home. That's so simple even a cave man could understand it.

As far as the games of Kommanders, kommandos, and the pretend military vernacular as the protesters go about their work, what does it harm to make protesting fun? Must we weep as we do it? Must we moan about gut churning fear and worry? Must we frantically beg God for intervention? Believe me, there are many, many of us that do that every day so what do you care if we relieve our fear and worry a bit with harmless play? Stupid? I'll tell you what is stupid; it is having my grandson, Marty's son, and 500,000 other sons and daughters over there, the REAL heros you mention, getting shot, blown apart, MURDERED by greedy men's lust for power and riches.

Take a tour of a VA hospital, or go online and view the photos of the wounded for a good look, complete with all the blood and gore and weeping buddies, not all clean and sanitized by the hospital. Look at this 20 year old man, both arms blown off to bloody stumps. Until he can be healed, fitted with prosthesis and learn to use them, how in the bloody hell can he feed himself, dress himself, hold his penis to urinate or cleanse his buttocks when he has a bowel movement? And WHY?? WHY? THAT IS WHAT IS STUPID, young lady. Look at this other one, so brain damaged from shrapnel from an IED that he is a living vegetable that must be cared for like an infant for the rest of his life!!

These are indeed the real heros. And they are the ones the Kommanders are fighting for. Instead of criticizing and acting so stupidly superior, you might TRY doing something to help, and stop poisoning your children's minds against activism. We do not have to lie down whimpering like whipped puppies; REAL PATRIOTS ACT!!


Worried said...

Supreme Kommander Kvatch, please excuse the above rant but closed minded,supercilious, do-nothing bun sitters drive me to distraction. To those of us who have lost loved ones in combat,others who have come home so wounded in mind and spirit they suffer from extreme PTSD and can get no help from the government; those who have done volunteer work at VA hospitals, who have seen horrific injuries on duty in big city ERs and can relate to war injuries, who has seen full color photos of war wounds, and who has a beloved grandson in Iraq for a second tour, and friends and relatives' sons and daughters in the war zone. To those of us who are in the know, every day is a torment, every news item of killed personnel a torment of waiting for a possible dreaded notice from the military. I cannot bear the asinine critics of the anti-war efforts.

Worried said...

PS: Oops. I had no interest in espell's blog so didn't check it before posting a rebuttal. Later, I got a bit curious so clicked over. Good heavens, another one of those who delights in stirring up a stink instead of engaging in intelligent discourse!! Shall I reply in like kind?

And it purports to be a man!! From the sound of his comment above I thought he was one of the worst of my gender, but apparently he is the worst of the male gender with a talent for bitchinedss. Or a humanzee - a cross between a human and a chimpanzee?? If it was possible and I was one, I would be reluctant to insult the poor chimpanzee.

I dislike stooping to this level so I will not reply to espell or humanzee any more. I have a profound distaste for such stupidity and banality.

Anonymous said...

Civilian Country Gal writing in. I saw the little green men and I love the idea. I will get some toy soldiers and put them out too. I want to join the Kommando Project. Is it too late? Do I have to have a blog?

What's the matter with that guy up at the top?

Anonymous said...

Ms. Country Gal,

Not at all, never too late to join the project. If you'd like to join as a "Kommander" (i.e., someone who can make their own posts here at the project), then just send me an email. There's a link to my profile with my email address a little further down. Just look for Kommander Kvatch. You'll need a Blogger account which is easy to create but not necessarily your own blog.

Otherwise you can simply place a marker on our "Kommander's Map" for yourself and add your photos and places to the "Memorial Weekend Protest Map".



windspike said...

Worried, any chance you could turn said raints into a bonafide post? That was good stuff.

BlueBerry Pick'n is ThisCanadian said...

I'm fighting, but more of a 'single soldier' so far...

BlueBerry Pick'n
can be found @
"Silent Freedom is Freedom Silenced"

DivaJood said...

Espella Humanzee misses the point, but this comes as no surprise to Kommander DivaJood. While I normally try to ignore his personal attacks on this, and other blogs (primarily directed at Kommander Helen Wheels), I feel that I need to comment here.

What he fails to understand is that this whimsical action invites people in; it ignites curiosity; people pick up the soldiers, and read the tags. Most often, they pocket the toy soldiers. Sometimes they leave them for others to see. But all across America, Kommanders and Kommandos are leaving a peaceful message: Get us out of Iraq. People are responding.

This is not a laughing matter; we are not acting like "giggling, spoiled children." Nor are we protesting in an agressive posture (although I've done my share of that during the Viet Nam War.)

This is an elegantly crafted action. This is an action that will gather steam and momentum until the entire nation speaks with one voice: Bring our Soldiers Home NOW.

And how will this goal be accomplished? One plastic soldier at a time. Without namecalling, without stooping to personal insults.

Please notice: Mr. Humanzee posts with impugnity on many of our blogs; however if one of us does the same, he deletes the post. For him, basic freedom of speech does not extend both ways.

So, in future, I suggest this: let him post. Just don't respond. Don't acknowledge. Eventually, he will go away.

Station Agent said...

We're playing around? Did you see the commander in chief in his fucking flight suit on the deck of an Air Craft carrier have the nuts to pull a photo op with how many of our troops dead already? Mission Accomplished my ass. Go ask your make pretend commander in chief to start another made up war, but next time you and him can fight it.

Granny said...

I hope it's never too late because I let the weekend get away from me somehow.

The girls and I left flowers on a memorial instead and we still stand on our little corner with our candles every Friday. Next time, I'll pass out some soldiers. I already told them about the project.

If you're still speaking to me, I'm still in.

worriedamerican said...

You Go, Station Agent and DivaJood!! Bush was the smirking schoolkid playing like he was a real pilot even though everyone knows about his "service" record.

Winspike. I may post a rant. I have occasionally ranted on mine and Granny's blog. I rarely comment at all on my two war blogs. No one reads them anyway so I just post urls for myself. I may go on a soapbox again. Thank you for the appreciative comment.

Helen Wheels said...

Worried, that was a beautiful post! Please do blog it! I especially, really, appreciate you telling Sasparilla (my nickname for Espella) it like it is. And I cannot stop laughing that you thought he was a woman because he is a misogynist of the highest order.

It should tell us much that Sasparilla made a point of assaulting this site and mine all weekend. Obviously, we hit a chord.

I think this mission was amazing. I just watched "Bagdad ER" last night on HBO. If you can stomach it, watching that shows what this madministration has done to our soldiers. It's horrific. I make myself watch these things. And pics from the horrors of war in Iraq. Why? Because our country is doing it -whether we approved of it or not. I figure it's my duty.And now, I also figure it's my duty to spread soldiers with anti-war messages on them. Because anyone who sees one will react. Who knows how? I think this weekend was a rousing success.

thanks again, Kvatch, for all your hard work.

Fools like Sasparilla do nothing and criticize those who act. What a putz.

Jimbo said...

Every little soldier makes a difference. The Red Zone war mongers rants have proven this.

Mission is Not accomplished until every GI is out of Iraq. I will not stop until they are. Peace.

sumo said...

Yeah...that HBO program was difficult to watch...I hope many more Americans got a chance to watch it...it is very sobering.

Anonymous said...

I only saw the last 10 minutes of that program last week and it was, to say the least, quite sad.
I have the utmost of respect for people trying to help heal/save lives, but under these
circumstances, well, we all know why the administration doesn't want anyone to see flag drapped
coffins, body bags, or wounded in any of their "war zones".
Here's hoping we at some point get beyond the 2 party system.
From a mere child, I've never understood our so called freedom in this realm, when we only have 2 choices, bought by money?
Sigh, sorry,............

Anonymous said...

If you're still speaking to me, I'm still in.



Marty said...

Worrried, you have an amazing way with words! You tell him.

I watched Baghdad ER last night. Those doctors and nurses are incredible. If you don't have HBO you can still see it. I've posted a link on my blog where it can be watched in it's entirety.

Anonymous said...

"May Allah Bless all of you my dear friends."

Oh boy. I was right. Al Qaida really is on your side, boy!

Worried said...

Anonymous, you display a woeful degree of ignorance. Don't you know that "Allah" is the Arabic word for God.- OUR God - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses, the God who sent Jesus here to teach mankind how to live in a civilized manner, the same God you were taught about in Sunday School (if you ever attended) and on your money (In God We Trust). UmmHumm, THAT God. The God that in our respective languages we call God=English; Dios=Spanish; Dieu=French; Allah=Arabic, and so on.(Hispanics and French: if I've mangled your language a bit, apologies. I'm rusty). Muslims do not worship a different God; they worship the same God as we do. They just speak a diferent language.

If a Hispanic tells you, "Vaya con Dios." (Go with God or God go with you) shall we link you to Pancho Villa, a murdering thief? Your remark was silly.

Your remark is on a par with someone equating Billy Graham with Fred Phelps because Fred claims to worship God.

Seems to me that you may be one of those unhappy souls who tries to make others equally miserable. And may I point out that it is cowardly to hide behind anonymity . If you have the courage of your convictions, you will stand behind them openly.

I use a blogger name of Worried American but I stand behind my convictions as M. Marie d'Este
(Wheeler) Bowman. You got the cojones to do the same? Will the real coward please stand up?

Muslim Unity, thank you for your support. I wish every nation, all people of every race, nationality, religion and gender would stand together against war and for peace.