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I found both these over at Bring It On. Thought others at this location may like to snag them for their blogs.

Image grabbed from BIO location

Image Grabbed From BIO


Carrots And Sticks: An Eye For An Eye Works In Both Directions

I've been working very hard to be a good father. My children are very young (4 and 2 years old). I'm enrolled in a parenting course - at the behest of my spouse. The main thrust of this course is to change styles of communicating with our children from negative to positive such that we are able to elicit good behavior and cooperation and listening and powerful, open communication by using a better carrot rather than stronger sticks. This led me to a whole mess of questions for the blogisphere to cogitate this weekend.

No run this AM as it's my rest day, but I have been ruminating over this concept for a few days. Answer any or all questions that you like in a comment below:
  1. What is it that is so very wrong about this pre-emptive war strategy to defeat terrorism?

  2. Might it not be that we are using the wrong device?

  3. An eye for an eye is easy to use as justification for using a bigger stick, but doesn't that slogan work both ways, and for all parties at either end of the stick?

  4. If we are always threatening a bigger stick, might not our enemies seek to trump our stick with a more grizzly and gruesome set of weapons all of their own invention (read, IEDs, or the "Hey, let's kidnap with intent to drill into GIs heads" strategy)?

  5. So, really, it might be that the war and fear mongering driven W, Rove and Co. administration is approaching the whole "war on terror" in the wrong way. In fact, shouldn't we be seeking a better carrot rather than a stronger stick?

  6. Moreover, if the existing carrot is rotten to the core, and we present a rotten carrot while threatening the stick, what does that get us: a) an end to the war on terror, or b) an indefinite, endless conflict that breeds only more pissed off and motivated terrorists?

  7. If we were to spend as much capital on building a better carrot rather than wielding a bigger stick, what would that carrot look and feel like?

  8. Would a better carrot be a swifter way to peace, that is, if peace is truly the objective?
I look forward to reading your comments. Blog on all. (Originally Posted at Educational Whisper, but crossposted here as I would know what folks think related to these questions here as well)


Late-Breaking News From Potrero HIll

Yesterday, this brave soldier limped back to the base of operations at Potrero Hill, and collapsed next to the coffee machine. Suffering from apparent massive head wounds, he somehow managed to get the words out to me, "Mission Accomplished, Kommander." Bad enough that this true hero of the War on War had his head cliped and shoved back at an uncomfortable angle, but to add insult to injury, some cruel bastard had scribbled the words "Boxer & Fienstien(sic)" on his Banner of Enduring Freedom. They didn't even have the decency to spell the Senator's name correctly. For shame.

Well, as they say, "War is hell."

This is Kommander PT of PT's Kruisers, over and out.


Spreading The Word And A Little Freedom Too Boot

Let us not let the President and his pals have all the fun spreading freedom. Let us spread the word about the Independence Day Deployment. I posted an invitation over at my location and at Bring It On. If each and every Kommander does the same, we may see our deployments increase exponentially.

Blog and Fight On all.


Crossing The Chasm Between Patriotism and Treason

My mood is not good this evening. I was thinking, what's the fine line between genius and insanity equivalent for the self proclaimed "patriots" of the W, Rove and Co and I got to thinking. As I crossed over Isa's location learning to sequence I wrote this:
Beyond sick can't even begin to describe my disdain for the W, Rove and Co. Is it possible that they have traversed the chasm between patriotism and treason? Yup, indeed they have. Just like there is a fine line between genius and insanity, there is a faint line between patriotism and betrayal of one's country...The W, Rove and Co has crossed it, in my book.
Not to insinuate that anyone beyond Uncle Karl is a genius in the W, Rove and Co. but certainly, if one professes to be a patriot loud enough, are they not possibly treasonous people guilty of the betrayal of what America has come to stand for? Indeed, checkmate is the use of warrantless wire taps, singing statements and the GOP SOP of lying to avoid answering for one's sins, not to mention then number of innocents KIA and wounded on behalf of a supposedly "nobel" cause...fuck.

I really am in a sour mood. I just watched Jarhead....it's not fun. Anyone that would revel in the killing - even if justified has lost a nut. Too bad the W, Rove and Co is sacrificing all that is good about America, and for what? Fuck them. I should have had the tequila I spoke about earlier....I wouldn't be on line typing at you right now.

Blog on brothers and siters, blog on all.


Ramp Up For Independence Day

Attention All Able Kommandars. Stop.
Lots of Interest in New Deployment. Stop.
Independence Day Is Perfect. Stop.
Prep Kommandos For Massive Movement And Deployment. Stop.
No Borders Are Sacred. Stop.
Deploy At Will. Stop.
Crossing Neighborhood, District, City/Town, State, and International Borders Commended. Stop.

Fight & Blog On All. Stop.


Planned Sniper deployment

I'm heading out to Palm Springs for a family party today. Tagged soldiers are already in my car; will deploy somewhere -- perhaps detour to 29 Palms, perhaps the entrance to Joshua Tree -- but the message can't stop. We can't wait for holidays only.



What About The Dead Fathers, KIA by Your Iraq Directives, W?

Today, we got ourselves another empty proclamation from the president regarding fathers day. Here's the text:
A Proclamation by the President of the United States of America

By offering guidance, support, and unconditional love, a father is one of the most important influences in a child's life. On Father's Day, we honor our fathers and celebrate the special bond between a father and a child.

Fathers play a significant role in shaping the character of their children and the future of our country. By spending time with their sons and daughters and listening to their experiences, fathers can have a profound impact on their children's lives. As advisors, role models, and friends, fathers help their children to understand the difference between right and wrong and to recognize how the decisions they make today can affect the rest of their lives. Fathers instill important values and prepare young people for the challenges and opportunities ahead. Through their daily sacrifices, fathers provide a loving and secure home in which their children can grow to become successful adults and good citizens. Their love and dedication inspire the next generation of Americans to achieve their dreams and demonstrate the true spirit of our Nation.

Father's Day also gives us an opportunity to remember the fathers who are currently serving in our Armed Forces. Our Nation is grateful for the courage and sacrifice of the many proud fathers wearing our country's uniform. By advancing freedom and protecting our way of life, these brave individuals are helping to lay the foundation of peace for our children and grandchildren.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, in accordance with a joint resolution of the Congress approved April 24, 1972, as amended (36 U.S.C. 109), do hereby proclaim June 18, 2006, as Father's Day. I encourage all Americans to express admiration and appreciation to fathers for their many contributions to our Nation's children. I direct the appropriate officials of the Government to display the flag of the United States on all Government buildings on this day. I also call upon State and local governments and citizens to observe this day with appropriate programs, ceremonies, and activities.
Again, no remorse for the children who have lost their fathers because of the W, Rove and Co war in Iraq. The artificial - more aptly, empty and hollow - nature of this proclamation makes me ill. How about he direct all appropriate services to bring all fathers home and out of harms way? Sounds like a better idea than me. I am sure some children would appreciate seeing their fathers in person for the day rather than have some kind of cyber link up; which certainly is better than nothing, but does not deliver the same kind of "guidance, support, and unconditional love," no does it?

Still Deploying

Just a quick note to report that Generik's Guerrillas made a foray into the heart of Republican territory in San Francisco over the weekend -- the Union Street fair! They were spotted on street corners, in booths and among merchandise all along the fair route. The best moment came when I was able to plant one on the Register Republican table, above a "Go Arnold!" sign, essentially right under the nose of the woman who was (wo)manning the station. I stood and watched for some time, and she never appeared to notice it.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, so you'll just have to trust me on this one.


Deftblade's Dogs: Ground Zero

June 2, 2006
Despite hailstorms and flash flooding all over the Tri-State area & New York City, Deftblade's Dogs made their way into the The Big Apple and were successful in completing numerous Kommando deployments at strategic locations around World Trade Center Plaza.

3 Dogs with high vantage point overlooking east-side of Ground Zero. Flag in background is placed in the heart of Ground Zero. Despite the rain there were plenty of curious on-lookers.

3 Dogs (look hard - below the fire truck on the fence) stationed in between a pizza shop and Ground Zero on the south-side. The fence in background surrounds the perimeter of GZ.

3 Dogs waiting atop a phone booth on the north-side of World Trade Center Plaza. These brave troopers were deployed less than 10 yards from 2 of New York's Finest, sitting in 1 of 4 squad cars, positioned at all four corners of GZ.

3 Dogs watching over the entire site. Look real hard at the thick beam on the bottom - I promise, they're there.

3 Dogs on northwest side of GZ in a small park. Too bad this shot came out so dark, this park was really something to see.

3 Dogs about a half block east from GZ. Look directly under the flag.

3 Dogs post up with NYC skyline in background, north-east side of GZ. Excellent vantage point on a very busy sidewalk.

"God and country" in the heart of Ground Zero. Cross is made from 2 leftover steel beams.

Burned side of building on north side of GZ.

Special thank you to my friend Tara for braving downtown traffic during rain & hail. She could have turned the car around but she knew how important it was, to me, that I reach Ground Zero.

Hey Kvatch, I promised you a NYC pretzel ...
Deftblade's Dogs braved hail storms, flash flooding and the NYPD to carry their message to the very heart, of our modern America, in this new century.


Michigan Militia: The Art Festival Assault

Today was to be a glorious day for the Michigan Militia, our first large scale deployment. First, we all gathered beneath the statue of Eagey, who has become our unofficial mascot for this group photo. Then it was off to secure downtown Grand Rapids.
AS we hit downtown, we immediately established a perimeter, encircling the eight city blocks where the festival was taking place. After that, we secured communications out posts at all the local radio stations booths, with Kommander Scannon filling out entry forms for various contests while a kommando took his position. So not only did we set up a post, we also have the chance of winning atrip to Chicago, tickets to some unspecified event, and a wave runner personally autographed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Following this, it was time to deploy more kommandos.

Every wall, every utility box, every sign became a place to set up a kommando. Here we see PFC Wayne Kirthoff in his position on a sign directing out of towners to various sites of interest in our city. Then, came the rain. So before we had a chance to deploy more troops, or photograph those already deployed, we high tailed it to a local pub, where, while quenching our thirst with some Bell's Oberon (which they had on tap), and deploying more kommandos, we sat out the rain. After only an hour, the clouds parted and the sun came out, and we were back at it. An attempt to photograph a kommando at the River FM booth was unfruitful, as our kommander caught the eye of the lovely young marketing person manning it, who began to flirt with him, drawing her attention and making it impossible to photograph the kommando, who had sat there all afternoon. We were however, able to deploy a companion to the kommando already in position.

We had intended on staying all evening, to catch the evening's closing act, Grand Rapids own ska legends Mustard Plug, but once again, dark clouds filled the sky and we were forced to flee for home as it began to rain again (and we had spent all our funds on the luscious beer).


Deftblade's Dogs: NYC Grand Central to Ground Zero

Operation NYC: Grand Central to Ground Zero
Tommorrow these brave troopers will embark on a great crusade into New York City on the island of Manhattan. Troops deployments will commence once we've landed at Grand Central Station in the heart of The Big Apple, and will continue all the way downtown ... final destination: Ground Zero at The World Trade Center Plaza. I have lived in New York all my life and this will be my first time there since the attacks on September 11, 2001.
"Proud as fucking hell to be Americans, Sir."
- Deftblade's Dogs

The Art Festival Assault

This weekend in Grand Rapids is the annual Festival of the Arts. It starts Friday afternoon and goes until Sunday evening. Tens of thousands of people come to eat ethnic food and watch various bands play, all taking place downtown, which is swarming with a hundred times more people than during the week. A perfect place to deploy Kommandos!
So this weekend, a new dispatch of the Michigan Militia will be posted all over, and this time we'll be adding a link back to this blog to the tags as well. It is an attempt on our part to extend the Kommandos project all summer long.