Deftblade's Dogs: Ground Zero

June 2, 2006
Despite hailstorms and flash flooding all over the Tri-State area & New York City, Deftblade's Dogs made their way into the The Big Apple and were successful in completing numerous Kommando deployments at strategic locations around World Trade Center Plaza.

3 Dogs with high vantage point overlooking east-side of Ground Zero. Flag in background is placed in the heart of Ground Zero. Despite the rain there were plenty of curious on-lookers.

3 Dogs (look hard - below the fire truck on the fence) stationed in between a pizza shop and Ground Zero on the south-side. The fence in background surrounds the perimeter of GZ.

3 Dogs waiting atop a phone booth on the north-side of World Trade Center Plaza. These brave troopers were deployed less than 10 yards from 2 of New York's Finest, sitting in 1 of 4 squad cars, positioned at all four corners of GZ.

3 Dogs watching over the entire site. Look real hard at the thick beam on the bottom - I promise, they're there.

3 Dogs on northwest side of GZ in a small park. Too bad this shot came out so dark, this park was really something to see.

3 Dogs about a half block east from GZ. Look directly under the flag.

3 Dogs post up with NYC skyline in background, north-east side of GZ. Excellent vantage point on a very busy sidewalk.

"God and country" in the heart of Ground Zero. Cross is made from 2 leftover steel beams.

Burned side of building on north side of GZ.

Special thank you to my friend Tara for braving downtown traffic during rain & hail. She could have turned the car around but she knew how important it was, to me, that I reach Ground Zero.

Hey Kvatch, I promised you a NYC pretzel ...
Deftblade's Dogs braved hail storms, flash flooding and the NYPD to carry their message to the very heart, of our modern America, in this new century.


Generik said...

Great job, Deft! My wife and I visited NYC and saw Ground Zero last October/November. Wish I had known about this project back then.

Anonymous said...

Deftblade13, that's outstanding! I can't really express how proud I am that our little protest made it into the Big Apple. Thanks for doing this...and on your vacation no less! You rock!

windspike said...

Nice deployment...Hey, where's my pretzel? Better yet, slice of NYStyle pizza and a brewski?

Helen Wheels said...

WOW that is terrific, deftblade! I really love the pics! I'm so impressed!!

Great work.