Ramp Up For Independence Day

Attention All Able Kommandars. Stop.
Lots of Interest in New Deployment. Stop.
Independence Day Is Perfect. Stop.
Prep Kommandos For Massive Movement And Deployment. Stop.
No Borders Are Sacred. Stop.
Deploy At Will. Stop.
Crossing Neighborhood, District, City/Town, State, and International Borders Commended. Stop.

Fight & Blog On All. Stop.


Station Agent said...

Preperations have begun in earnest.
The Station is a hive of activity.

Helen Wheels said...

Sounds great. My men are ready to roll!

Alicia said...

My Hooterville Hellcats are preparing for a stealth mission in Tampa, FL. We will be reconnoitering nearby MacDill AFB.

windspike said...

Lock and Load!

sumo said...

I'm there...but the cable to my camera is still missing...Ack! I'll check to see if a camera shop can locate something for me.

DivaJood said...

Diva's Daredevils are tagged and ready, Sir.

Deftblade13 said...

Deftblade's Dogs, ready to rip.