The Art Festival Assault

This weekend in Grand Rapids is the annual Festival of the Arts. It starts Friday afternoon and goes until Sunday evening. Tens of thousands of people come to eat ethnic food and watch various bands play, all taking place downtown, which is swarming with a hundred times more people than during the week. A perfect place to deploy Kommandos!
So this weekend, a new dispatch of the Michigan Militia will be posted all over, and this time we'll be adding a link back to this blog to the tags as well. It is an attempt on our part to extend the Kommandos project all summer long.


EAPrez said...

Great idea...in fact Columbus, Ohio's Art Festival kicked off today - one of the biggest in the country - I am going tomorrow - and am taking my grunts along.

Tina said...

Go Lew go!
Go EAPrez go!
My men are waiting to be deployed as soon as the Pro-Football Hall of Fame festivities kick off in late June/ early July. Every wk there are at least 2 or 3 activities until the Hall of Fame parade, new inductees ceremony, and football game at the end of July/ beginning of August. Hubby and I always take BabyGirl to the hot air balloon event, the ribs cook-off, and at least one of the mini- parades, so plenty of opportunities to spread the Kommando cheer.

windspike said...

Nice maneauver Kommandar! Fight On