Michigan Militia: The Art Festival Assault

Today was to be a glorious day for the Michigan Militia, our first large scale deployment. First, we all gathered beneath the statue of Eagey, who has become our unofficial mascot for this group photo. Then it was off to secure downtown Grand Rapids.
AS we hit downtown, we immediately established a perimeter, encircling the eight city blocks where the festival was taking place. After that, we secured communications out posts at all the local radio stations booths, with Kommander Scannon filling out entry forms for various contests while a kommando took his position. So not only did we set up a post, we also have the chance of winning atrip to Chicago, tickets to some unspecified event, and a wave runner personally autographed by the Red Hot Chili Peppers! Following this, it was time to deploy more kommandos.

Every wall, every utility box, every sign became a place to set up a kommando. Here we see PFC Wayne Kirthoff in his position on a sign directing out of towners to various sites of interest in our city. Then, came the rain. So before we had a chance to deploy more troops, or photograph those already deployed, we high tailed it to a local pub, where, while quenching our thirst with some Bell's Oberon (which they had on tap), and deploying more kommandos, we sat out the rain. After only an hour, the clouds parted and the sun came out, and we were back at it. An attempt to photograph a kommando at the River FM booth was unfruitful, as our kommander caught the eye of the lovely young marketing person manning it, who began to flirt with him, drawing her attention and making it impossible to photograph the kommando, who had sat there all afternoon. We were however, able to deploy a companion to the kommando already in position.

We had intended on staying all evening, to catch the evening's closing act, Grand Rapids own ska legends Mustard Plug, but once again, dark clouds filled the sky and we were forced to flee for home as it began to rain again (and we had spent all our funds on the luscious beer).


sumo said...

Sounds like you had a grand time.

Madame D said...

I agree with sumo! Plenty of deployment action, and the possibility of winning some stuff!

Deftblade13 said...

Outstanding deployment, Kommander

Helen Wheels said...

Excellent work, Kommando Scannon!