Kommaner Lex will too

Supreme Kommander Kvatch: I will make my first mission the pre-and post-Xmas rushes. Kommander of the Road Runners is right. It's a good time to find lots of people to see the soldiers.

Kommander Lex

Texas Road Runners Ready for the Post-Christmas Crowds

Kommander Kvatch, Sir!

Please be advised that the Texas Road Runners are well trained and eager to do their duty by assaulting the malls and megamarts during the post-Christmas sales events. We anticipate large crowds and the opportunity to spread the Word to the maximum number of people.

Several junior officers will be assisting this mission.


Kommander American.


kristmas kommandos storm south coast plaza

This time of year there is no better place to spread the message of peace on Earth than at your local shopping maul. Strategic placement of kommandos throughout stores and common areas are bound to catch the eye of frantic consumers.

Today I deployed several kommandos throughout South Coast Plaza, the third largest shopping mall in the United States. Each soldier was equipped with the message "Bring us home for Christmas" and "Stop the War".

My goal - to wake up OC shoppers from their gift-snatching slumber.

After scattering troops throughout the common areas we moved into Borders bookstore. I hit up the newly released racks by the checkout counter and then moved into the music section.

Harry Potter and his friends seem like decent kids...

Lastly, we attacked the bustling magazine rack and found one concerned-looking dude.

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