"The Big Lie"

Everyone on this blog should read Michael Ware's latest reporting from TIME. Not only is it evidence of the amazing heroism displayed day-in and day-out by our Marines and soldiers, but also you see the misinformation and manipulation of the Bush administration:
So why does Ramadi remain beyond the U.S.'s control? Part of the problem, many officers say, is that the troops' authority to act is constrained by politics. Soldiers cannot lock up suspected insurgents without first getting an arrest warrant and a sworn statement from two witnesses. And those who are convicted often receive jail sentences that are shorter than a grunt's tour of Iraq. "We keep seeing guys we arrested coming back out, and things get worse again," says an intelligence officer.

The bigger problem, though, is one that few in the military command want to hear: there aren't enough troops to do the job. "There's a realization, as every military commander knows, that you cannot be strong everywhere," says Gronski of Ramadi. "In the outlying areas, we think in terms of an economy of force where we are willing to accept risk by not placing as many troops." But while Gronski says his fighting strength is "appropriate," other commanders bristle at the limitations. "I can't believe it each time the Secretary of Defense talks about reducing force," says a senior U.S. officer. War planners in Iraq say just getting a handle on Ramadi demands three times as many soldiers as are there now. Several U.S. commanders say they won't ask superiors for more troops or plan large-scale operations because doing so would expose problems in the U.S.'s strategy that no one wants to acknowledge. "It's what I call the Big Lie," a high-ranking U.S. commander told TIME.
I think this Blog/Project in its most pure form is an effort to confront the lies that have endangered our security and our military. Please take the time to read this article.

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Worried said...

Thank you, Copy Editor, for the link to this excellent article. I "borrowed" the link for my war blog "Imperial Sacrifices", although I haven't posted it yet. Too many irons in the fire at the moment, but an article like that is always timely.