Getting Ready

I just bought my kommandos and will be getting them ready tonight.

My deployment will be in honor of Chris. I was his teacher when he was little boy. He was quiet, thoughtful, and kind. He also died as a result of small arms fire in Ramadi last June. He was only 21.

I'll be deploying in 29 Palms, CA, a town that is home to the largest US Marine base in the world. We have already lost close to two hundred soldiers.


Helen Wheels said...

Kathy, that is so sad. I am fortunate enough so far not to have lost anyone close to me.

Station Agent said...

Condolences, Kathy.

sumo said...

A terrible loss.

jay lassiter said...

kathy, that one choked me up a little bit.
God bless his family.
my condolences Kathy,