Diva's Daredevils in undocumented missions

Forget images from me, I can't figure the digital camera thing out. No snickers, please. However, the Daredevils have gone to Fort MacArthur; to a Bank of America ATM, to the Maritime Museum, and to the Hermosa Beach Street Fair. And they've provoked conversation. They get a better response than the people who stand on street corners with anit-war signs.

I'm glad that this is open to civilians -- it's the Resistance that will help!

This mission doesn't end with the end of the holiday, no way. This mission doesn't end until we are out of Iraq.


Worried said...

Fight On, Sister!! People are noticing our brave kommandos and asking questions. They do their duty and serve their mission well - reminding the public there is a war on! and urging them to get off their apathetic buns and DO something.

Anonymous said...

Diva. Don't worry about the pictures. The statement will always be more important. Thanks for participating. There's no way this will end before we get out of Iraq.

Anonymous said...

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