Mission (District) Accomplished

Generik's Guerrillas have been a busy bunch this Memorial Day weekend. Among the places they've been stationed are the Caltrain station; the Post Office; Whole Foods, Safeway and Cala; Borders and Green Apple Books; Clement Street; Polk Gulch; Oyster Point Marina; AT&T Park, and especially at the Carnaval parade and celebration in the Mission District. Most of these pictures are from Carnaval Saturday and Sunday.
One brave lad protected my dashboard while I was out deploying the troops.
Standing guard in the ticket booth at the Victoria Theater on 16th Street.
Many of the troops ended up mixed in with the merchandise at various booths along the Carnaval street fair route on Harrison, like this fellow among the keychains.
Also this soldier among the coin purses.
While a number of others found themselves attached to various floats in the parade.
A bit hard to see, this particularly unique headless and one-legged volunteer nevertheless managed to hold his own in a chess game with some Aztec allies.
Many of the brave lads blended in with the local color.
While others were selected for point duty, heading up the various floats.
No one likes pulling latrine duty, but this soldier volunteered, and never once complained.
Placed in the hand of a skeleton draping the front of a limousine, this soldier was still on duty when I came back by for inspection over an hour later.
A lot of the troops became a part of the parade; this fellow had a comfortable perch on one of many masks made completely from recycled materials that made up this particular float.
Again, just one more participant on the floats.
And one more.
This lucky soldier got to do his duty guarding the statue of Willie Mays at the Giants' ballpark.

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DivaJood said...

Gorgeous operations, Generik. I applaud you.

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Worried said...

Your kommandos are to be commended. I am sure they received a great deal of attention and fulfilled their duty admirably.

Mags said...

Erik, as I've said before, you RAWK.

windspike said...

I'm sorry I missed the parade, but glad the accomplished mission was done as is. Fight on Soldiers, fight on!

Generik said...

Thanks all, glad to be a part of this operation!

Will continue to deploy troops as time and travel befit.