I got your Army Men Right here!

I went to the 99 cent store and they only had big "G.I. Joe-esque" Army Men. While I thought this was good (and more visible) I was thinking of one of my mottos "Quantity kicks Quality's butt everytime"

So I tried EBAY and check this out!

On Occasion, we run into a deal we just can't pass up. We ran into a couple of old cases of bulk Army Men. These are the full 2", high quality, plastic Army Men that we played with as a child. These are not the cheap Army Men sold today in stores. These are all in NEW unplayed with condition. These were wrapped in plastic, but not in the origional box, so we don't have any more information on them.

Since we don't know if they are vintage or not (we are not toy experts), and didn't pay vintage price for them, we'll pass on our great savings to you. Should anyone know anything about these particular Army Men, we would love any information..

They are selling a bag of fifty for a buck. I bought two and including shipping it was $4.98. So hopefully, I will get them in time for the weekend. The seller has a 99% approval rating.

Unlike the war.



DivaJood said...

After checking three Targets, and several regular toy stores, and my local 99 cent store, I ordered my soldiers on eBay too. Shipping cost more than the soldiers.

copy editor said...

Nice reference. I'm still mulling what I want my Army Men to say. Maybe something from Jack Murtha with his combat credentials... Then Bush's combat c.v. Anyone got little purple cowboy men in bags of 50 on eBay?

Crackpot Press said...

Don't overthink it.

"Bring Me Home, NOW" is plenty. This is a less is more situation.

Generik said...

I found plenty of soldiers at both Walgreens and Rite-Aid, plus a few more bags full at a toy store on Market Street called Jeffrey's. The prices ranged from .99¢ to $4.59 a bag (the $4.59 bag included two tanks and other landscape stuff).

Helen Wheels said...

I'm jealous of generik's find! But then, I only looked at the 99 cent store and lucked out.