First Troop Deployment in Red Zone

I am happy to report that while in the heart of Republicanville (Riverside County, CA), I was able to deploy 15-20 troops at a place called "Tom's Farms" - a freeway side compound of fun, games, restaurants, rides and shops.

Some troops perched on a fountain while others crouched in the grooves of a wooden bench in front of the Tom's Farm's main attraction, an old market truck, waiting for the curious to arrive.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to wait around and see what happened to the troops. But I know their particular effort is valiant, judging by the slack-jawed gaping I espied on the way out of the parking lot.


Anonymous said...

Helen, that's great--into the belly of the beast, huh?

Love the fountain photos!

Helen Wheels said...

It was truly inspired, I must say. Those grooves were just begging to be filled with soldiers.

Yeah, Riverside County is very VERY red. Perfect spot! Good thing I went to a wedding out there or I wouldn't have had the opportunity.

windspike said...

All Sneak Attacks In Republican Strongholds are Officially Approved.