Hand to Hand Combat in the War on War?

A thought occurred to me yesterday as I was dropping off my troops around town. It's a new tactic that may prove useful in recruiting new Kommanders. I'll throw it out there now, while some Kommanders still have soldiers left to deploy this weekend, and to keep in mind for future engagements. There's gonna be future engagements, right?

Hand to hand combat. Where, out of a typical platoon of 40 kommandos, a small group of special ops kommandos - say five - are physically passed from the hand of their kommander to the hand of a civilian, with a request that the civilian, "Pass it on when you're done." The special ops kommandos could bear tags with the regular slogans, but which also include the web address and a request to report back to base with the kommando's movements.

"Kommando in the War on War. Help me report my movements back to base at www.kommandos.blogspot.com and PASS ME ON!" (Maybe someone has a better wording for that than I.)

What do you think, Kommanders?


Anonymous said...

Montag, that's an cool idea. Out here in Babylon by the Bay it would be a no-brainer. Everybody agrees politically with everybody. (I often refer to our politics as the "Worlds Largest Echo Chamber"). But do you think that it might cause trouble if you try to hand it to someone who doesn't agree with the aims of the War on War?

Maybe one could leave a Kommando with banner that reads, "Pass Me On!" and the address and see what happens.

Montag said...

I'd definately at least try to make sure the person isn't someone who's going to just chuck it in the trash before I handed one to them.

You're idea has merit, too.

windspike said...

Most Excellent Idea! Fight On! And my you be Victorious.

DivaJood said...

I like the idea a lot! That's the heart of grass roots organizing. Three cheers for Kommander Montag.

PTCruiser said...

That's definitely a cool idea.

Worried said...

Good idea, Montag. Because I am handicapped I had to have civilian aides help post some of my kommandos in certain areas. They were 100% pro-Bush but also 100% in support of our troops. I merely made sure that the kommandos they posted bore banners that were not offensive to them so they were happy to spread the Word.