Slogans To Remember

Do I know what makes a great memorable slogan? In a word...no. But here are some of the ones that I've used with Kvatch's Kommandos:

No War With Iran
Bring Us Home

Bush Lies, We Die

No Blood For Oil

...and my personal favorite from the PTCruiser:


(Haven't used it yet but I will on the 26th.)


sumo said...

I like it too...I'll do a few of those also...because I don't want to leave Rummy out of the war equation.

DivaJood said...

I like Bring Us Home From Iran because it will even appeal to people on the fence.

PTCruiser said...

That Rumsfailed banner is gonna look great on my soldiers of misfortune. Sure they've only got cheap plastic body armor that gets soft under direct sunlight but hey, you go to war with the army you have, right?

Anonymous said...

PT, Windspike said exactly the same thing. :-)

Tom Hilton said...

I've been using two-sided tags: "Don't send us to Iran/Don't let us die for another lie".

Generik said...

My tags say "Bring us home!" on one side and "Don't send me to Iran!" on the other. I keep one here at my desk at work, ready to toss a grenade at the chickenhawks who like to play war with real lives.

Alicia said...

Why don't we compile a master list of sayings that contributors can add to? That way there will be lots to choose from, since we want to get as many of our 'boots on the ground' as possible.

Kathleen Callon said...

I'm going with:

"No War in Iran"

"Bring Us Home"

"Support Your Troops- Bring Us Home"

Helen Wheels said...

I have the soldier who's on the phone saying, "hello?! BUsh lied!"

And I found a couple missing things (head, hand) so I am tagging them appropriately:

"Bush made me an amputee." It's a good way to remind folks that there are more injured than dead, and how badly the injured and living vets are treated.