The Michigan Militia

Boy, the things you find under your couch! This past Christmas, I bought my two boys, Wilbur and Nelson, each a bag of plastic army men. Not as exciting as a new XBox game, so they opened up their bags and...well being boys of short attention spans, they ended up under the couch, and me, not being a very apt housekeeper, left them there along with all the other accumulation from this past winter. My ex was asking me where all the boys socks went...they were under the couch. Along with al their missing LEGO men, and assorted Hot Wheels, and some home work they were proud of and had to show me....then never bothered to take care of.
This weekend, we're planning on visiting the multiplex a couple of times, as the wish to see Over The Hedge and X-Men III:The Last Stand, so on at least one trip we'll be leaving them there (and on the second, seeing if they are still there). There's also a Memorial Day parade downtown, so we'll be leaving some there as well, one or two on the Calder stabile that defines our city. Hopefully we'll stick some where they will stay until the city's Arts Festival, which takes place the following weekend.

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Helen Wheels said...

Ha ha! Someone who's a worse housekeeper than me! Amazing!