Slogan Suggestions Needed

Telegram to All Kommandars:

Was away from Local Kommand Center for weekend. Stop.

Need Ideas for Kommando Leg Banners. Stop.

Thinking: Lies, Lies, Lies: GIs Die. Stop.

Need Suggestions For More Creative Slogans: Stop.

Bon Chance. Stop.

Kommandar Windspike. Stop.


Helen Wheels said...

I'm going to do my best during the week to think up good ones.

I did have a soldier that was in pieces. It inspired: "Bush Made Me An Amputee"

sumo said...

Helen that's a good one...and Windspike that was really funny dude!

windspike said...

Oh, I just came up with a good one: WMD? Follow Me!

windspike said...

Oh! and on the backside: W's Lies Kill GIs

Anonymous said...

The war in Iraq must...stop!

Want to give Bush more power...stop!

Can Alberto Gonzales be...stopped?!