Memorial Day 2006

The bus stop next to Fort MacArthur Air Force Base (not the museum, the actual base) has this movie poster next to it. It begged to be photographed.

Then, at The Korean Friendship Bell, I deployed these Daredevils:

Right after I took the second shot showing the Korean Friendship Bell, two elderly women walked up to look at the soldiers. I did not photograph them, as I was listening to them discuss them. They seemed to think this was a very interesting idea, and decided to leave them for someone else to visit.

At another location, Angels Gate, overlooking the port of Los Angles, I deployed these Daredevils to the great amusement of a Japanese family who had no shame about laughing and pointing at me.

So now I know how to upload pictures, and my brain hurts.


Helen Wheels said...

GREAT pics, DivaJood! You did it!

Fantastic locations as well. Well done indeed.

Worried said...

And amazingly good photos! Your brain may hurt but at least you succeeded, which is more than I can say.

My military photgrapher had a computer slowdown for some reason so put my photos on a CD. Then the courier who was to deliver the CD left it in the van and was 35 miles away before discovering his
mistake. He is considered for charges of Dereliction of Duty. As a result, final report and photos to Supreme Kommander Kvatch will be delayed even further.

Alicia said...

Way to go, Kommander DJ! I wish I could find my camera! Your pix are great.