Marty's Marauders Fully Deployed, Sir!

Marty's Marauders area of responsibility is the SE sector of Houston, Texas. On Friday Marty's Marauders Special Forces infiltrated several United States Post Offices throughout the SE sector. Reconnaissance troops were sent to a Citgo Gas Station and Subway Sandwich. On Saturday the final deployment of Marty's Marauders was executed: Car washes in the SE sector, a Cafe Express, and Walgreens.

And finally.......back home. Bring my son, Shoegazer, home.


Anonymous said...

Marty...that's inspired! US Post Offices--I love it.

Worried said...

Marty; The Texas Roadrunners infiltrated the heart of the rural Bible Belt outside Houston, and those who took up posts in a local church prevailed upon the Bush supporters to add Shoegazer to their prayer list during their Memorial Day services. Although these folks support the president, they also support the troops, including many of their own in service. A prayer never hurts. God bless our troops.

windspike said...

Bring Him Home NoW, and I Mean Pronto!

Marty said...

Kvatch, I checked on Marty's Marauders Special Forces...they are holding their positions at the U.S. Post Offices...I will continue to monitor them and send in reinforcements if necessary.

Worried, thanks a million for the prayers.

Windspike, I pray it is so.

Shoegazer sends along his support in our effort to bring the troops home NOW.

jay lassiter said...

God bless your family and your boy.
and thanks for the phote. that makes it all the more personal.

Marty said...

Thanks Jay.