Kommandos Project Hits The Big Time

I just wanted let you all know that about 2 hours ago a post referencing the project went up at whatreallyhappened.com, and as a result our traffic has gone through the roof. We're averaging 200 hits an hour and will probably hit 1000 visits for the day in the next 60 minutes.

Thanks to whatREALLYhappened.com for the reference, but more importantly thanks to all of you my fellow Kommanders for making this such a success.

More deployments to are coming...

Kommander Kvatch


windspike said...

Holy smokeronies! Big time indeed! Perhaps we should continue this until one is photographed in W's hot little hands...or when the troops are actually brought home sooner than later.

Blog on All. CHARGEEEeeeeee!

Anonymous said...

got any super glue? that´ll stop the troops from going AWOL

Helen Wheels said...

EXCELLENT! That's great news. I am deploying more troops today and then some tomorrow as well.

DivaJood said...

Very inspiring! Way to go, troops!

Worried said...

Windspike; I'm all in favor of continuing the War Against War for as long as it takes. I'm waiting for a kommando to be photographed on the White House steps. C'mon, you D.C. bloggers!

Anonymous: How dare you impugn the honor of our valiant kommandos? AWOL, indeed! Any that go missing are NOT AWOL: they are POWs or MIAs. NEVER AWOL!!

Mary said...

Is there a link on this blog for info on how to make the little stickers that go on the army men?
Are they Avery stickers with computer printing or xerox & paste?

Great kommando action!

Anonymous said...


Many different ways to do that. Some Kommanders use the little tag labels that fold over. Some use computer printed labels with sticky backs. I started simply, using just masking tape, but for this last weekend I used Avery white labels inside clear tape. That worked pretty well other than for the hand labelling. Which takes too much time.

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