Kommandos Take the Presidio

The Presidio, long vigilant against an attack that never came, decommissioned and returned to the people as a National Park, mobilized again yesterday for one last mission...of peace.

Kommando 4
The strategic value of the mission is obvious: in capturing the Presidio, the Kommandos seize control of the Golden Gate.

Kommando 2
The Presidio is an essential target in another sense: it is the site of a vast peaceful invasion of tourists from all over America--all over the world.

Kommando 3
Perhaps those tourists will carry home the Kommandos' message of peace.

Kommando 1
This soldier guards the parade ground, now a bed of wildflowers, at Fort Winfield Scott, named for a victorious general in a long-ago war of choice. This is the symbolic value of the Presidio: a onetime military base, returned to the people for peaceful use.


Station Agent said...

Nice work. The Presidio is a great choice. Nice pictures too.

Lew Scannon said...


sumo said...

Carry on men.

DivaJood said...

Kommander Tom, I salute you. Those are some fantastic targets your soldiers captured.

Tom Hilton said...


Anonymous said...

Just a small point of clarification. Fort Winfield Scott is named after a general who was victorious in a war of choice (The Mexican War) but you fail to mention that he was one of many failed generals that attempted to lead the Union forces in the war of northern aggression (another war of choice, some might say)

Tom Hilton said...

Thanks for the clarification; I had forgotten that in addition to leading the disgraceful war against Mexico, he also had a (not terribly distinguished) role in the war against the vile, freedom-hating terrorists who attacked America.