Antarctic Incursion into Jesusland

Station Agent's Field Report:

Striking at the very heart of the pro-Iraq War constituency, I took my troops to a WalMart in the Deep South for an intervention.

Here's some images from the field:

This brave soldier takes up position on the book rack where some publishing company had the gall to try to hawk it's Fox News endorsed, pro-oil industry agenda guide book to summer traveling on one tank of gas.

You wanna buy that 3 x 5 foot nylon flag made out of 100 percent nylon? Well you're gonna have to think about the war and how very wrong it all is first.

The oil stabilizer defends the oil stabilizer.

That is all.


Worried said...

Medals all around for the brave soldiers who struck deep into enemy territory and into heavily populated areas. No doubt many will be MIA and POWs.

Station Agent said...

The raid went down at 2 AM local time. There was no resistence from the zombies working and shopping there. In fact, our work was quite openly observed and roundly ignored. Of course it's all worth it just to protect the oil stabalizer and the nylon flags.

Lew Scannon said...

Infiltrating a Wal-Mart! Guts and brains combined to confront the enemy where they shop!

Callooh said...

a walmart! purple hearts for all..!

making the assumption that those who eventually see the brave soldiers can read?

Station Agent said...

Damn! You're right callooh. I should have spelt the werds fo-net-tick-allie.