First off, I'd like to add a link to unbrainwashed, which has a partial list of why this war is wrong. That said, it was a very successful campaign, securing at beachhead at Grand Haven, summer tourist destination for Michigan.
Our first kommando was employed at a gas'n'go, at the intersection of two highways. Unfortunately, no photo.

This is our first kommando, snapped as he reached the beach. It was a beautiful day and the beach was filled with people, from our secured position all the way to the pier and lighthouse two miles away.
Forward we moved, securing the pavillion at the State Park. (no photos). Then kommandos were deployed at various campgrounds as we moved our way towards the pier. There was also a camper bathroom facility with newspaper machines out front where we deployed another one.

Then, it was off to the pier. The pier has large rocks alog oneside we thought perfect for deployment. As we deployed one, a teenage girl came by with her mom, picked one up and commented how cool it was(she may have taken it, okay, because there is a link to here on the back).
We walked to the end of the pier where we deployed more kommandos on the steps to the lighthouse. Then it was back to shore, where deployed even more, tossing them at sandcastles as we made our way back to our blanket. As we packed up to leave, an elderly couple came by and saw our original kommando, picked it up and noticed the message. All in all, a successful Independence day campaign!


sumo said...

Sounds like the deployment was successful...time to celebrate.

DivaJood said...

Well done, Kommander Lew. I like the tossing into sandcastle approach!

Worried said...

Great Mission!

Callooh said...

excellent work on the beach, those boys acted with upmost bravery!

Anonymous said...

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