Kommandos To Support The Troops on Veterans Day






Alicia said...

The Hooterville Hellcats are ready for duty, sir!

Station Agent said...

I think I'm going to raid the Gainesville Walmart again. It'll probably take several raids for those poeple to catch on.

Donkeyhue said...

Well I cant say it entirely suprises me that the followers of the party of Kerry would not only make light of our soldiers but also play in a world of make believe. Wasnt that the dem platform?

How does it feel that your party betrayed you out of embarassment to get elected and will be kicked out again in two years if they embrace you.

It may have been a win for the dems but it was certainly a loss for the libs.

Have fun in the circus.


Troll Watcher said...

well I can't say it entirely surprises me to see you sulking around because the American people resoundingly rejected your president, and your party, and your total lack of ideals. They also rejected your war and the way you treat our soldiers as cannon fodder for pointless wars based on lies and manipulated intelligence. We only treat plastic soldiers the way your party treats the real ones:deploy them, then cast them aside when they are no longer useful beyond propaganda purposes.
I guess we fell the same way you would when the president violated the constitution and then your party changed the law to protect the president, but not the constitution they swore (on a fucking Bible)to uphold, if you had a soul or conscience.
have fun with the pervs and the pedophiles and metheads,


Donkeyhue said...

Donkeysplooge. Very clever. It appears I am not match for your wit.

Let me know when you come back to earth, perhaps then we can have a rational discussion. Until then, say hello to the unicorns.

Dont you think its time for some new catchphrases? When you lack original thought, and all you have are slogans it gets old quick.

Worried said...

A war for empire based on lies and deceit, America's sons and daughters maimed and killed as sacrifices for Empire, not for our freedom. Their personal sacrifices no less honorable than that of their grandfathers who DID fight for freedom but the reasons they were sent to die and get multilated are wrong, wrong, wrong. They serve with honor and distinction and then are treated miserably by our government when they come home. It is time to stop this illegal war, as our nation emulates the imperialistic nations we fought against in WWII. Did we learn NOTHING from history?

If deploying toy soldiers to act as reminders to the public can help in any way, spur one person to protest to their representatives, change one mind about the legality of this war, then it is worth putting 1,000,000 little toy soldiers out on the streets. BRING OUR TROOPS HOME !!

Anonymous said...

Well I cant say it entirely suprises me that the followers of the party of Kerry would not only make light of our soldiers but also play in a world of make believe.

People who start out with nonsense like this aren't really interested in a rational discussion. Come back when you are.

In the meantime chew on this... One protest, one changed mind clammoring to bring our troops home does them more honor than your, and your President's, faux concern.

Rhino-itall said...

faux? is that a real word? Oh you must be french.

I understand you're anti the war in Iraq, i haven't read your blog, but i assume you believe it's Bush's war, he lied to everyone to get revenge for his father (i still don't understand that one. revenge for what? nobody can explain it) or just to go to war for the sake of Haliburton or some other oil conspiracy, or just because he's hitler and he's evil or whatever. Again, this is an assumption, i don't have time to do research on you guys. But here's what i'm wondering.

Has there ever been a "just war" in your minds? What would be a reason to go to war in your eyes? How about Afghanistan? Was that one ok? That's the thing i've noticed with you Bush lied people, You seem to just be pussys. I could be wrong, i'm not saying that's you, i'm just wondering if it is.

Sewmouse said...

Dearest Rhino

You don't understand it? But you still will argue against it? That's rather, well, stupid, isn't it?

Kind of like boycotting Harry Potter because it has "Real Spells" in it, even though you've never read it?

Coming to a place like this and putting your ignorance on display is really rather self-defeating, to say the very, utmost, least.

If you believe that "Supporting the troops" means keeping them in harm's way and sending them home only in body bags, then you really aren't much of a supporter, are you?

We want to see our young men and women come back - alive and whole - to be with their families, rather than being blown up by roadside bombs. We want them to be available to defend our country, not to die for George Walker Bush's ego.

Why exactly is it that you want to kill them?

Rhino-itall said...


What? did you read my comment? I don't understand the "revenge" theory. Where was my argument against it? I'm still looking for an explanation.....

Harry potter? What? The movie or the book? You're boycotting it?

I'm ignorant? Ok, so why didn't you enlighten me by answering ANY of my questions?

Why are you anti-Iraq war? Haliburton? Bush is hitler?

Is there EVER a justification for war in your mind?

Was the Afghanistan invasion justified? Why or why not?

If you're scared to answer that's ok, i'm not expecting much. I'm just curious.

Sewmouse said...

What what?
Yes, I know you don't understand. As stated, you are parading your ignorance and that's really rather... pathetic.

Yes, Harry Potter. What What? Both. No.
Yes. Because if you're too lazy to do any research on your own, I certainly am not going to do it for you.

Because it is illegal and immoral.
What about Halliburton? One of my best friends works for Halliburton. I like him anyhow. Is he really? I wasn't aware that Hitler had reincarnated so quickly.

Yes. The United States was directly attacked by persons residing in Afghanistan.

What do you mean, "Scared" to answer? You think just because YOU are ignorant that the rest of us are "afraid"? Sorry, Snookiedimples - your "Fear" methods don't work on us anymore, Neocon.

Alicia said...

Gee - is there EVER a need for justfication for war in your mind, rhino-notmuch?

Why would anyone oppose such a glorious and righteous war? Only pathetic, liberal pussies would get queasy at the thought of so much victory! And who would dare begrudge fine, patriotic corporations such as Halliburton or Bechtel an honest smidgin of profit, when they take care of our troops so well - imagine how delicious a $45 case of Coke must be! And the cleanest of laundry, too - at $100 a bag! First class, these guys!

Worried said...

To: Critics, or troublemakers?

Excuse me if I'm wrong, but I thought the purpose of the Kommandos endeavor was to support our troops and protest the war. I didn't think the Kommando blog was a forum for political debate.

People are entitled to their opinions but please can't you reserve your pro-Bush, pro-Republican debates for another place. This blog is for the TROOPS.

Or do you merely enjoy creating ugly squabbles? I have seen a lot of that sort of thing on other blogs that serve no useful purpose, create no intelligent dialogue nor debate, just stirring up a mess.

Circus, make-believe? Would you prefer placards, posters, or signs? What's the difference? The little soldiers are attention getters and bear a message. They serve the purpose of getting out the word.

Make light of our soldiers? Excuse me? Standing up for and supporting our troops in no wise makes light of them !! No matter how much we disapprove of the WAR, we support and honor our TROOPS 1,000%.

My European ancestors came to this country in the early 1600s and every generation since then has fought for this country, beginning with the Indian wars (right or wrong), on to the Revolution and to the present day. My grandson has served in Korea and in 2 TODs in Iraq, is scheduled to return for a 3rd tour in the spring but is considering volunteering for early re-deployment. He is intensely loyal to our nation and to his fellow troops, as am I.

Make light of them? I don't think so, Tim.

Marty said...


I'll answer your question about Bush's revenge...revenge for Saddam trying to kill Daddy.

And why are you sitting behind your computer screen complaining about those of us who support the troops by bringing them home and wanting them taken care of when they get here?

If you like Bush so much and his dirty little war then you should be rushing down to your local army recruiter to join up and volunteer for an Iraq tour. My son has spent a total of 27 months in Iraq on two tours. He's still there...where the hell are you? He supports our efforts here.

Join up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys, i always take weekends off from the blog world.

Mouse. I was asking about this blog/group. I don't care enough to do any research so i figured you could enlighten me. guess not.

Alicia, i see we completely agree! Good to see some real patriots over here.

Worried, i don't know if you're talking about me, but i wasn't looking to make trouble. I was thinking about debate, but if that's not what this blog is about then i will move on.

Marty, I'm not complaining about anything. In fact i haven't even said where i stand on your toy soldier thing. (I think it's stupid, but thats the first time i mentioned it)
And your join up or shut up is also stupid. According to you the only people who can be engaged in a debate on this war are those who served or have family who are currently serving? That eliminates quite a few people, including probably 99% of the people who are protesting this war currently.

Anyway, Thanks to you and your family for your sacrifice.

Rhino-itall said...

Sorry, That ANON post is the one and only Rhino

Marty said...

"According to you the only people who can be engaged in a debate on this war are those who served or have family who are currently serving?"

I'd prefer people not debate, but rather, get off their lazy butts and do something.

That's all the war is for you Rhino yellow elephant (who sits safely behind the computer screen)...a worthless debate...me and my family...it's real life 24/7.

At least the protestors are doing something to show support for the troops and bring attention to this madness.