Little Toy Soldiers Represent Support for and Honor to our Troops

Standing up for these warriors and supporting them is not a circus, not a game, not make believe. We respect them, honor them and appreciate THEIR sacrifices. And we want them HOME.

WWII Pearl Harbor survivor;
Marine veteran of Iraq.

Grief and loss in an illegal war.

Hardship and sacrifice.


Ingrid said...

wow. You'll never see these pictures on television. It's very sobering and I wished the American people would see this kind of reality instead of just spoken numbers of homegrown soldiers who have died. Where did you get these pics Worried?

L>T said...

very nice pictures. thanks for posting them

Worried said...

Thank you both.

I have accessed so many sites since this (bleeping) war started that I cannot remember the urls of all of them. I have quite a number in my folders. Also, terrible war photos that I usually will not post; some are too gruesome. It is no wonder so many of our troops come home suffering from PTSD, especially the young ones. No one should have to see things like that up close and personal. I HATE THIS WAR!!!