Variation on a theme.

I found these in my studio the other day in a bag of weird plastic toys that I got at a garage sale ages ago.

I've been thinking about deploying them too.

Possible slogans:

"Iraqis are human beings!" and "Thanks for the schools...and the Civil War!"


Worried said...

Sure! Go ahead. I'm certain that for the most part they would be just as happy for the troops to go home and let them settle their own differences. And you are right. They are human beings too and Bush has done enough damage to them.

Problem with Grandson. He is determined to use the tan soldiers instead of his green ones. He stubbornly asserts that Unca Gene's clothes are tan to blend in with the desert sand.

I have to admit he has a point. The most important thing is he is learning activism and the right of citizens to dissent and call their government to account. Since he is not a member, I'll post his on my war blog. Tan uniforms and all.

sister faith said...

Someone must have had a "Lawrence of Arabia" play set as a child.

My brother had Ben Hur....Fort Apache...Civil War.....and numerous WWII setups.

Helen Wheels said...

Leave it to you, Robot, to be so original. That's GREAT!!

DivaJood said...

Robot, I saw something similar on eBay but they cost a small fortune. They were kinda vintage, or something. Since Shrub is spending so much on the war, I thought it was more appropriate to get soldiers for 99 cents plus shipping. For me, that is.

Kathleen Callon said...

Great idea. Our soldiers aren't the only victims of this war.